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          WELCOME TO Tangshan Jinghua Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd.
          簡體中文   |   ENGLISH
          Tangshan Jinghua June sports activities
          To enrich the staff's cultural life, give full play to the staff activity, by Tangshan JINGWAH uni...
          Tangshan Jinghua party members to Li Dazhao Memo... 2015-01-17
          Tangshan jinghua's existing four hydrated ferrou... 2015-01-17
          Jinghua -- comprehensive talent contest activity 2015-01-17
          The sixth session of the Chinese international p... 2015-01-17
          Ten years together brotherhood hundred articles ... 2015-01-17
          Pipe development trend
          Present situation and Prospect o...
          Tangshan market pipe prices in J...
          Chengdu market January 16th basi...
          The analysis of the June 5, 2013...
          Tangshan Jinghua the first four ...
          Tangshan Jinghua organize worker...
          Tangshan Jinghua new hot dip gal...
          Kaiping district Party committee...
          Jinghua Tangshan in March produc...
             Welded pipe       Oil casing and tubing       Water supply plastic lined composite steel pipe       In straight pipe   
          The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games project
          The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, is the twenty-ninth Summer Olympic Games, in Au...
          The South-to-North Water Diversion Project
          The south to North Water Diversion Project, aimed at easing the China north and...
          Yangcheng International Power Generation Co. Ltd.
          Is a Sino foreign cooperative enterprise by China and America, Jin Su two provi...
          Directions and goals for corporate management and culture construction:
          Harmony, stability, publicity, fairness, equality, sureness, dignity, happiness.
          Corporate philosophy:
          Advancing with the times, striving for realism earnestly, solidarity and cooperation, working happily
          Corporate spirits:
          Attach importance to subjectivity in front of objectivity, search for methods in the face of difficulty and attach importance to dedication in the face of hardships.
          Tangshan Jinghua Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. (formerly Huaqi Pipe Co., Ltd.), which set up in February 2001 ,belongs to Jinghua Innovation Group Co., Ltd....
          Tangshan Jinghua Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Copyright 2015-2018 All rights reserved.
          Address:Kaiyue Road East,Kaiping District,Tangshan City,Hebei Province
          Contacts:Li Hui Telephone:0315-3371222 Fax:0315-3371538 E-mail:tshqlt@163.com
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